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DOSCH 3D Animated Humans for Cinema 4D

The depiction of animated human characters in 3D-scenes becomes ever more important in visualizations, animations and illustrations, and by now constitutes a considerable part of 3D-design.   Dosch 3D: Animated Humans for Cinema4D contains 10 3D-humans (5 female, 5 male), each in 4 clothing variations (incl. one nude version).   The 3D-humans include the complete inverse kinematics, and each of the 40 3D-humans (10 x 4 clothing variations each) already comes with a set of 15 ready-to-use animations (walking, running, sitting, standing up etc.). Use the animations “out of the box” or create any other new animation by moving the “bones” of the 3D-characters.   The highly detailed 3D-models feature all relevant textures while providing the option of using ones own textures as well. Close-ups of the face, hair, hands etc. can be done with superior quality.   The animated 3D-models are provided in three versions: 1) for Cinema4D version 7 and above 2) for Cinema4D version 8.5 up to 11 3) for Cinema4D version 13 and above => this version can also be used in Cinema4D Version 12 Each version is optimized for Cinema4D and fully uses the available features to create amazing effects.    C4D Version ab V13, C4D Version ab V7, C4D Version ab V8.5

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