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DOSCH 3D Building Interiors

The product contains 10 complete buildings including their respective furnishings. This comprehensive library of various building/interior styles prepares the user for many visual design challenges across a range of architectural styles.   The following tasks will become significantly easier and faster to complete: - presentation of furniture designs - tradeshow and exhibit design - visualization of consumer electronics products - testing material selection for interior designs - presentation of building materials (flooring/wall coverings) - design of office space/layout - presentation of energy and climate control concepts - virtual presentation of art pieces and other objects - surroundings for product and industrial design - illustration and exemplification of security technology - visualization of lighting systems     Use the buildings as a starting point for your own designs, as a "stage" for your products, or "reconfigure" individual elements in new settings, custom scenes etc.     The completely textured 3D-scenes are provided in multiple file formats: 3DS, 3dsmax (Version 4 and above) Lightwave (Version 6 and above), Maya (Version4 and above), FBX, OBJ, VRML and Cinema 4D (Version 8.5 and above).                                      3DS, 3ds max (ab Version 4), 3dsmax V9 +VRay, C4D Version ab V8.5, FBX, Lightwave ab V6.5, Maya (ab Version 4), OBJ, VRML, Modo (LXO)

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