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DOSCH 3D Landscapes

The depiction of 3-dimensional landscapes is an important but time consuming task in computer graphics. Whether you need a scenic backdrop for your architectural creation, huge landscapes, movies and games or just a surrounding landscape to move your vehicles in a realistic looking computer-generated environment, Dosch 3D: Landscapes will do the job.   D3D: Landscapes contains 50 detailed, completely textured 3D-models of wooded mountains & valleys, gentle ridges, rock cliffs, vast plains & desert. “Special” landscapes include snow & ice-covered mountains, glaciers, plus moon and mars environments. Also part of this versatile product are tropical scenes (sandy beach with palmtrees) and islands.   The 3D-models are provided in the widely-used formats 3DS, OBJ, LWO (Lighwave Ver. 6 and higher) and C4D (Cinema4D). They can therefore be used in most 3D-applications.   Dosch 3D: Landscapes is perfectly complemented by Dosch Design's D3D: Trees & Conifers (contains very comprehensive collection of conifers and "leaf-trees" 3D-models), and D3D: Surrounding Skies (brilliant depictions of realistic skies).   Additionally, add life with Dosch 3D: Humans, Dosch 3D: Buildings, Dosch 3D: Cars, Dosch 3D: Transport, Dosch 3D: Engineered Structures and other Dosch Design products.    Download-Produkt

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