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DOSCH Audio Dosch Music

A comprehensive and high-quality collection of more than 200 loopable music themes. Use them in all professional production environments (synchronization of movies, multimedia-projects, video-synchronization, broadcasting etc.). all music themes are delivered as high-quality WAV-files in HiFi- (44.100 kHz, 16bit Stereo) and LoFi- (22.050 kHz, 8bit Stereo) versions. Different styles: Ambient, Break-Beat, Classic, Drum´n Bass, Dance, Dramatic, House, Hybrid, Swing, Techno, HipHop Different tempi of the music themes Different moods All themes are prepared for best loop-quality. Every style has different arrangements and variations. The music themes have been professional mastered. A comfortable software-browser (Windows only) is included. So you are able to listen to the samples, sort them or search for special ones. All music-themes are useable free of any royalties in any production.  

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